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The Canadian Craft Winemakers Association has some great resources and tools to help you on the way... 

    • E-newsletter and Website  - Our E-Newsletter is delivered to your inbox every 2 months. Content includes Provincial updates, Regional Council updates, and industry articles that are relevant to our industry. The new CCWA website - - gives you the tools and links you need for important industry information. Resources on the website include: Webinar video archives (Full Members Only); Craft Winemaking Resource Centre; Documents on Industry Standards; Regional Council Pages; Store Listing on the "Find a Retailer" section (Full Members Only) and so much more. New resources are being added on a regular basis.
    • Lobbying and Government Relations - In the highly regulated alcohol sector, where the FOP industry is a minor player, lobbying and government relations are essential to protect establish markets, develop new ones, and protect our members from competing and adversarial interests. A strong voice is important! In the past few years we have supported Nova Scotia Retailers to pass FOP legislation. We are currently working with the Manitoba government to help develop their FOP industry, lobbying the Quebec government to allow "legal" FOB businesses and currently in discussions with the Ontario government to expand their Special Occassion Permit program. 
Discounted Business Insurance:

DanLawrie GlossyLogo2015Members are entitled to discounted rates on business insurance through Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers. This very popular program offers specifically tailored insurance for the Craft Winemaking industry, covering extra items such as spoilage, contamination, product recalls, and more.

The insurance program covers the following:

  • Equipment
  • Stock including Customer's Goods
  • Improvements and Betterments
  • Crime Coverage
  • Business Interruption
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Commercial General Liability

There are specific Extentions of Coverage specific for CCWA Full-Members:

  • Business Interruption with a 24-month indemnity period
  • Enhanced Spoilage Coverage up to $50,000
  • Contamination Coverage up to $50,000
  • Infestation Coverage up to $50,000
  • Product Recall Expense up to $25,000

Dan Lawrie Insurance also offers Group Home and Auto Insurance Programs for our members:

  • Low-cost Group Rates - frequently representing 40% or more!
  • True Accident Forgiveness Protection available
  • No hassle 24/7/365 Emergency Claims Service
  • Quality coverage, Sound Professional Advice

Also, Dan Lawrie can offer CCWA members Employee Benefits Programs:

  • Customized Employee Benefit and Group Retirement solutions for members
  • Competitive and sustainable pricing
  • Expert advice on Succession planning and Corporate insurance 

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